Printing Guide and Care of Digital Negatives


Thank you for purchasing your high resolution digital negatives from Soli Photography. The photographer, Meghan Campbell, retains ownership and copyright of all digital images. Soli Photography gives you permission to make unlimited copies and/or reprints of these images for personal use and distribution. These images are not to be sold. They should not be used for editorial, commercial or competition purposes, without the express written permission from the photographer. PLEASE ask permission before using these files, likely we will be more than happy to allow it.

Uploading to the web

Please give credit to Soli Photography when naming your album on Facebook or Instagram, or another personal website. Placing photo credit underneath a photo posted on any online venue is appropriate.

Storing your files

Your files have been added to your personalized thumb drive. This device is guaranteed for up to 10 years or more. Please make at least one copy of these files on your home computer right away. We recommend that you save one copy at a location other than your home, in case of fire or other tragedy.

Color variations in printing

Our computer monitors are calibrated with various professional printing labs to ensure the color of the image you see on the screen is the color that comes out in the physical print. If you have the same digital file printed at several different labs, you will have several slightly (and sometimes severely) different prints in regards to quality, color, and density. Soli Photography is not responsible for the quality, color, density, or cropping of prints produced by the lab you choose. Any questions regarding any quality of the prints and enlargements reproduced from these files should be directed to the lab you have chosen.

Where to print your files

Please choose your lab with care, as this decision will strongly affect the visual quality of your printed portraits. You should not print from labs like Walmart or Walgreens. Nothing against these two labs, but the ink and paper they use is not archival. In other words, it’s the lowest generic version of a photoprint you can buy. We highly recommend that you have your images printed with the labs listed below:

For prints and other products:

Holiday cards and announcements:

Purchasing prints through Soli Photography

For special prints such as canvas, wall prints and specialty items we encourage you to print directly through us. We are able to do additional edits that are required for larger prints (11×14 and larger), making sure that the file is perfect before printing. When you purchase a print through Soli Photography, it’s a timeless piece of art of archival quality. We understand that buy you purchasing the digital files, we’ve given you the freedom to print as you wish. With this in mind, we offer a discount for prints ordered directly through our company. Please inquire for details.

Cropping ratio

It is important that you choose a photo lab with ordering software that allows you to see and choose how each of your images will be cropped. Automated cropping may remove part of the image you do not want removed. All portraits do not look good at all cropping ratios. With custom cropping you can see which portrait sizes and ratios look best for each image, before it is printed. When cropping, please remember to leave a little extra space around the edges of your portrait subject, because the edges of the photo will be hidden later if the portrait is matted or framed.

We hope you enjoy your images by Soli Photography for many years to come.